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An Introduction to My Madness (I)

Since I am returning from a long while away from this blog, I feel that I should reintroduce myself to any potential new readers, even if they just happen by while browsing. For any old readers, or people reading that actually know me, this will serve more as an update on my current interests.

My name is David. On the internet, I’m usually known as Ninja D! or TheNinjaD. Rarely, it’s Istirith or Black Jack Davey. I may still even have some accounts that I no longer use under the names The Lost One or Davidknght. I live in Mankato, Minnesota. I love this city and it is pretty much the hub of south central Minnesota in every way. I’m 24 years old and I work overnights at a truck stop.

Something that seems to be the biggest development in the eyes of many is that I have started drinking. Alcohol, that is. I have always been strongly opposed to the stuff in the past. I guess you could say I gave in to its temptation in a time of weakness. After a series of disappointments, let downs, and otherwise unfortunate happenings, it felt like my life sucked for a little while. That’s when I started. I’m better now, more or less. However, since I can’t really say I don’t drink at all now, I’m not as inclined to avoid it. I’ve actually come to like the taste of UV apple vodka. Rumple Minze isn’t bad, either, and much stronger. Go figure. What hasn’t changed is what I think of alcohol. It’s still stupid because it is, in fact, poison. You really shouldn’t drink it. It’s a bad idea. Also, if you’re drunk out in public, you’re still an asshole. Do it at home and don’t bother anyone. An exception to this is bars because people working there signed up to deal with that shit.

My interests are still primarily music, comic books, video games, and just a whole lot of generally pretty geeky (but no less awesome for that) stuff. I’ve been working a bit more seriously on music than I had been for quite a while and watching a lot more TV shows and movies. I’ve also recently come to like suits and think I just might be wearing them often from now on.

Music. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of local music from the past and present. Among these are Old Towne Ghosts, Professor Fresh, !ntell!gent Des!gn, Discount Brown (no longer together), Phedge (no longer together), Collabo (no longer together), and probably a number of others that I’m forgetting at the moment. I’ve also been listening to a lot of (hed)PE again. As for what I’ve been working on, that’s mostly still with the project called Behavior Modification Therapy and we’ve actually been making some progress.

Comics. I’m still reading most DC titles, along with the big ones from Top Cow, and a few others. I really need to cut back on what I’m ordering and I’ve been doing that gradually. I’ve also only been ordering comics every other week instead of weekly and I guess that’s probably saving me a bit in shipping costs. I am, of course, still ordering from Midtown Comics. The Green Lantern and Batman books are mostly my favorites but there is a lot of good stuff out there. Probably a bit too much for me to go into right now.

TV and Movies. I am sometimes a Netflix junkie. Lately, I’ve mostly been watching How I Met Your Mother. Before that, I watched all that I could of Louie and Archer. I’m still gradually working my way through Star Trek, little chunks at a time. This week I watched the movie Trollhunter, which was excellent and easy the best found footage movie I have ever seen. The last couple of movies that I saw in theaters were Prometheus and The Avengers, both of which were quite good.

Video Games. I canceled my subscription to SWTOR because I just don’t feel like I have the time to dedicate to it. I’m still bound to WoW for a number of moths yet because of the Annual Pass that I signed up for. If anyone would like to play that with me, I would be very interested. I feel bad that I’m paying for it and haven’t even logged in for so long. I’ve played some Diablo 3, Skyrim, and Mass Effect 3 but I’ve mostly been hooked on Minecraft again, both on PC and Xbox 360.

And there you have it. I think that’s more than enough of a summary for now. I hope you’ll read beyond this point where things may actually become more interesting.


Busy Time In WoW

Yesterday began a a very busy week in World of Warcraft.

Since this is the first full week of the month, the Darkmoon Faire is going on. Also, the Lunar Festival is still going. Being the start of February, Love is in the Air just started.

Three world events at once. That’s a lot to do.

WoW Down

World of Warcraft is down today during the entire time I would normally get a chance to play. They do this usually once a week. That’s bad enough but it’s made worse by the fact that you can’t count on it. It’s not always down on the same day and the time can sometimes shift.

This hasn’t been a problem with SWTOR. In general, I think Bioware and EA just have their shit together a lot more than Blizzard. The tradeoff, I guess, is that EA does evil giant corporation things (like launch day DLC out the ass) whereas Blizzard, while they’re running a solid business, does seem to be operated by a bunch of geeks that actually like what they’re doing.

Still, I get annoyed when I want to log into WoW and find out that the realms are all down. Sometimes there is only a couple of hours of warning. Other times, when you’re lucky, you get a full 24 hours. It used to be every Tuesday…last week it was Wednesday.

WoW’s Strength Lies Outside The Game

A lot of people say that World of Warcraft is the best MMORPG out there. Sometimes, I’d agree with them. It’s never because of the game itself, though.

Really, it’s that the game is already so popular that makes it as good as it is. Odds are, you know someone that plays. That means you have someone to help you out when you start. There are also a lot of websites dedicated entirely to WoW. If there’s anything you want to know about the game, you can find it online.

It’s pretty great that Blizzard allows third party mods for their game. What really makes that work, though, is that there are so many skilled people working on those mods. You can probably find a mod to do just about anything in WoW.

Though their are games that many people feel are better, the strength of WoW is in its community. I hope that SWTOR gets there someday.

WoW is Addicting

Playing World of Warcraft with my girlfriend yesterday reminded me of how addicting it can be. Really it’s the economy in the game that really hooks me.

However, the actual gameplay of SWTOR is much better.

Today, my girlfriend is asleep when I get home so I will be back at SWTOR. I’ll be playing on Crucible Pits with some member of Red Lantern Corps, probably.

Still Playing SWTOR, Back to WoW

I haven’t even tried to log into SWTOR for the last couple of days because I have no patience for waiting in a long line to play. It’s still a great game, though. I do plan to continue playing it.

My getting back into an MMORPG got my girlfriend to start playing WoW again. I’ve decided that I will play with her, while not quitting SWTOR. I’m signing up for the deal that will get me Diablo 3 for free.