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Great Weekend For Music in Mankato

The last several days have seen a lot of music in the city of Mankato.

It began at Buster’s Bar on Thursday with Bone Thugs N Harmony. I had to work and didn’t make it to that what but I’m told I didn’t miss much. If rumors are true, there was only one member present and he rapped over records.

Friday night was the first day of the Dead Days of Winter. The featured act for the night was none other than Coolio. Opening for him were Professor Fresh, the Style Biters, Def Gone Graphic, and more. Great show, even Coolio was better than expected.

Saturday was the second day of the Dead Days of Winter. I was once again at work and didn’t make it out. I also know very little about what went on.

Both days of the Dead Days of Winter were at RedSky Lounge and put on by Full Moon Productions.

Sunday night, back at Buster’s Bar, was the one and only Wayne Static. He was, of course, fucking fantastic. I almost missed out on this show because I didn’t hear about it until last Tuesday. Several bands opened for him, including our local Revilwen. I only got to see Polkadot Cadaver and, while the have quite the following, I just couldn’t get into the sound.

I’ll see about getting some more detail up about these shows but a general recap is all I have for the moment.



Tuesday of this week saw the release of Wayne Static’s solo album, titled Pighammer. Most people would know Wayne Static as the vocalist and rythm guitarist for Static-X. He also writes most of that band’s music.

Pighammer is very similar to Static-X but has a much greater range. Static tries out different sorts of vocals in a few different songs and keeps it interesting.

The music is well done and the electronics, which you will hear more of than you usually do in Static-X, are masterfully executed.

The one single released in advance of the album is called Assassins of Youth. That song has personal meaning to Mr Static but is easily the worst track on the album. Do not let it influence your decision to buy or not buy this record.

This is a brilliant work of ‘evil disco’, which is a pretty clear offshoot of industrial. It kicks ass, I suggest you go buy it.

4.5 / 5