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Watch This Space

I’m back.

I’m sure I, and my blog, was not missed terribly by anyone. I missed it some, though. Maintaining regular posting was entertaining to me for some reason. I wasn’t always good at it and I think one of my biggest failings is that I tried to put out a certain kind of content regularly and it became less enjoyable. I won’t be doing that this time. This blog will simply be whatever the hell I feel like talking about. That’s probably not great for building a following but, as you may have guessed by the blog’s name, I don’t really care about that. Also, I will have a different posting schedule than before. It won’t be daily and it won’t be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. While this may yet change, I’m thinking I will have regular, scheduled posts every Tuesday and Friday. There will likely be some other posts on off days but you can’t count on those as much. I also haven’t decided for sure on an exact time of day that these posts will go up but it will probably be sometime in the morning.

Even though I’m starting fresh, I’m keeping all my old posts up. I wouldn’t suggest reading them but they are there, if you’re interested. I just ask that you be aware that those posts don’t really indicate what you will be finding here from now on. I think I probably write a little bit differently and the subject matter may change a bit, though probably not a lot.

I also may be changing the look of this blog. I’m not entirely sure that I will yet but I’m considering it. So, obviously, it won’t be right away. Just don’t be surprised if it does happen.

Now I’ve said what I need to. I guess you can really sum it all up with the first line.


Duty Now For The Future

I’ve been missing posts a lot lately. You wouldn’t see it by looking at this site, though. I’ve also been going back and posting them with a past time. I don’t like that and I’m going to stop doing it.

At the same time, I’m going to change the amount that I post. If I’m not posting every single day, hopefully my posts will be less forced and have better content.

I also want to have a loose plan for this blog from now on. Things may change a bit but what I’m thinking right now is new posts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday posts will be for music, Wednesday for comics (as it has been), and Friday for gaming. Now those are the planned primary topics. Sometimes, possibly often, I will drift from those subjects entirely. Sometimes, probably often, I will post about more than one subject. I also may drop multiple posts on a single day or make sort of bonus posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So don’t count on any of that. Just watch as this thing continues to evolve.

I’ve also come to the realization that if I don’t become more active in the things that I care about, I’m going to end up hating everything. So keep an eye out for me talking up and promoting things that I really like, even more than I already do. I may also start sort of promoting this blog a bit. At least letting people know it exists, anyway.

This goes into effect starting Monday.

Shiny and New

Welcome back, readers! I know you don’t really exist but I will continue to address you as though you do. I sincerely hope that doesn’t bother any of you.

It’s unlikely that anyone reading this would have noticed, since it’s likely your first time here but this blog has changed quite a bit since yesterday. The biggest change is that the theme is different. For those of you not familiar with WordPress or how it works, that basically means that the entire look of the page has changed to some extent. The second change is that I cleaned up the categories. Finally, I changed the title. Hopefully this remodel is an improvement.

I’ll admit, these changes are not huge. I wanted to make the change now before I get really into the swing of regular posting so this will be the look that any readers I have will get used to. I liked the old theme because of how basic it was but I was not totally satisfied with it. Primarily, it was the lowercase “e” that bothered me, though there were some other things that seemed a little off. The look is still very basic and it’s still black words on a white background since other looks can be very rough on the eyes. This combined with cleaning up my categories and a plan to simplify my tagging of posts in the future should all contribute to a much more simple and easy-to-read blog.

About the title; Anyone who read this post probably realized that I was not satisfied with this blog’s old title of The D List. If you’ve read this at all, you’re also probably aware that I acknowledge that I am probably writing this blog for no one but myself and that I’m fine with that. For some reason, it entertains me. With the change in title also came a new url to match.

Now let’s see if anyone reads it.