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New Comic Day 02/15/2012

It’s new comic day again.

DC titles on my list for the week :

Batman #6 — I really like what Scott Snyder has been doing with the Council of Owls. It’s got to reach a climax soon and it should be interesting.

Birds of Prey #6 — While not really among my favorites of the new 52, I have thus far considered Birds of Prey to be worth ordering every month. Last month things got a bit strange so I’m sure to keep reading for at least a little while longer.

Captain Atom #6 — Again, not the best but worth reading. I’m surprised that this book made it through DC’s first round of cuts. I haven’t heard any great reviews for it or anything so maybe it will be in the second. I like it well enough, anyway.

DC Universe Presents #6 — The first story of this anthology series, which starred Deadman, ended last month. This month starts a new story featuring the Challengers of the Unknown.

Green Lantern Corps #6 — While I’m unlikely to ever not read a Green Lantern title as long as I’m reading comics, this one has annoyed me a little by messing with established canon more than any of the others. That always happens, though.

My Greatest Adventure #5 — I’m pretty sure that this limited series is nearing its end so if you haven’t read it before now, don’t bother trying to get into it. I’ve liked it quite a bit, though, and would suggest picking up the trade for something a little different.

Nightwing #6 — Solid book so far and part of the Batman group.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #6 — Easily the weakest Batman group book that I keep getting. It’s silly with bits of ignorance. It’s capable of offending. It’s also pretty damn amusing at times.

Other Comics :

Witchblade #153 — I’m still following the new Top Cow universe, for now. Darkness #151 marks that title joining the new universe with Artifacts and Witchblade.

Dark Tower Gunslinger Way Station #3 — It’s Dark Tower, enough said.

Mis-Adventures of Adam West #1 — I’ve got to check this out. What the hell could be in store for the world here?

…and that’s it. This week also sees the release of more infection tie-ins but I haven’t read the first one at this point and I don’t feel like going all out on a big event right now.


New Comic Day 02/01/2012

It’s new comic day once again.

DC is keeping pretty solid to the same schedule every month now, which is nice. Of course, the first month saw Red Lanterns come out in week two or three but that is now the regular week one GL title. That’s out this week.

The Batman group books that are out this week are Batwing and Detective Comics. Batwing is clearly reaching a climax of the first arc. Batman is also featured as an important character in Justice League International, which is also out today.

This week we also get Action Comics, which has been good so far but seemed to suddenly start telling a different story last month. I’m fine with a retelling of the origin story but that should be an arc of its own, not dropped in the middle of one I’m currently enjoying.

Hawk and Dove, another great new 52 title, comes out this week. I think last month was sort of the end of the first arc but it wasn’t any sort of clear-cut finale. If you ask me, there’s a little too much emo nonsense with Dove but that happens sometimes.

Finally, Green Arrow is out this week. It hasn’t been terrible so far but every month I’m on the fence about ordering it again. This may be the last issue unless it really impresses me. That’s it for my DC titles.

This week I will also be picking up Warriors of Mars #1 and Star Wars : Dawn of the Jedi #0, both mostly out of curiosity.

Decision Time

Even if I were still only reading DC comics, I would probably want to cut a few more of the new 52 from my list than I have. Yesterday I placed my order for next week’s comics but the only title I dropped was Superboy. I was tempted to drop Demon Knights, too, but I’m going to give that one until the end of the first arc to impress me. The last issue was better than the ones that came before.

New Comic Day 12/28/11

It is once again the day when new comics are released. This being the fourth week of the month, I think we can expect All Star Western and The Flash to be out.

All Star Western is now entering its second story arc, which was hinted at in the last issue. The secondary story in that book, about El Diablo, may also be coming to an end.

What I’m looking forward to the most is seeing how Francis Manapul writes the Flash out of the situation that last month’s issue ended with.

New Comic Day 12/14/2011

New comic day again. Week two of the month means Green Lantern is out. This time around there is a nice alternate cover available done by the very talented Francis Manapul. Check it out.

Ron Marz

Ron Marz is currently probably best known for being the writer of both the Witchblade and Artifacts comics.

The first comic book that I ever picked up, in the aisle at Cub Foods was written by Ron Marz. It was a Green Lantern comic. He wrote most of the GL comics I read growing up. Just think of what that did to my life.

With the launch of the new 52 from DC, Ron Marz has been writing a comic called Voodoo. Unfortunately, I learned just yesterday that issue #4 is the last issue he will be writing for that title. I will likely be dropping it after that. Apparently he doesn’t even really know why other than a vague statement of DC wanting the book to go in a different direction. He got the news from the book’s editor who was on the way out on the same time as him.

It turns out, Ron Marz is also pretty damn cool. This year he will be doing something that he apparently did last year. That is auctioning off comics that he has signed to raise money for Toys for Tots. That kicks ass. I will post more information when I have it.

New Comic Day 11/23/2011

It’s new comic day again. This is the best week for me. All-Star Western and The Flash are both out today and they may be the two best books in the new 52.

Also out today is Voodoo, written by Ron Marz, and with an appearance by the Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. Kyle was, of course, created by Ron Marz. The book that Kyle stars in, Green Lantern The New Guardians, also comes out today.

The best week of the month for DC comics is here.

Green Lantern(s) and the Third Army

I just read Green Lantern Corps #3, in which a group of GLs battle it out with some unknown enemies that have an overabundance of willpower. It seemed that they were even creating green energy swords with it.

I’m not sure if I believe it or not but there is a theory that these guys are the third army being created by the Guardians of the Universe. There are solid arguments both for and against that. I’ll post more when there is more.

First Month of Green Lantern Comics

I know that it’s a bit late for this but I wanted to talk a little bit about the Green Lantern comics from the first month of DC’s new 52.

The Green Lantern comics were in an odd place coming into this. While the timeline of the entire DC universe has changed, they are continuing on from where they left off. However, the characters have also mostly de-aged.

The GL comics from the first month seemed to have one main focus and that was showing the Green Lanterns trying to go about an ordinary life. This was most obvious with Hal, who no longer has a power ring. It was really emphasized that, while he is great at being a hero, he kind of sucks at being a normal person. At the same time, John Stewart is going back to work as an architect and Guy Gardner was trying to get a job as a high school football coach. Kyle’s appearance in New Guardians was also pretty low key, just not as normal.

I wonder if this was just a one-time thing or if it will continue into the future?


We’re pretty much through the second month of DC’s relaunch. In addition to the 52 from the first month, each week this month has brought us the start of two new miniseries. I’m not going to talk about them all right now but if you get the chance, pick up Penguin Pain And Prejudice. It’s dark and fantastic. It digs into the Penguin’s past and his motivations, all while making the character more human and real. Check it out.