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I’m not sure that I’m capable of accurately expressing my excitement right now. You see, CONvergence is now less that one week away. CONvergence is the one big, awesome thing that I do every year. It’s a sci-fi (more or less) convention held up in the cities. Basically, it’s a four day long, geeky party.

This will be my first time going as a single man. While that’s a little strange, it also means that I’m far less limited. I won’t have to stick with one person as much as in the past and, well, you know what they say; What happens at con, stays at con.

This year is also my first time with real costumes. I bought a green morphsuit that will be working triple duty; Anon Guy, Green Man, and a creeper. It will be great and hopefully I’ll post pictures here, eventually.

I will also be hanging out with my old friend Kenny. I haven’t seen him in over a year so this is going to be great.

I’m so excited. I’m not sure how I’ll make it through the rest of this week.


The Source Comics & Games

I didn’t get a comic post up yesterday because I was out of town. I had taken a trip up to the Twin Cities, including a stop at the Source.

The name really says it. The Source is the go-to place for comics and gaming in the state of Minnesota. Soon they will be moving into a new, even bigger location. Their website cane be found here. It’s kind of a mess but with some time it should tell you anything you need to know.