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Great Weekend For Music in Mankato

The last several days have seen a lot of music in the city of Mankato.

It began at Buster’s Bar on Thursday with Bone Thugs N Harmony. I had to work and didn’t make it to that what but I’m told I didn’t miss much. If rumors are true, there was only one member present and he rapped over records.

Friday night was the first day of the Dead Days of Winter. The featured act for the night was none other than Coolio. Opening for him were Professor Fresh, the Style Biters, Def Gone Graphic, and more. Great show, even Coolio was better than expected.

Saturday was the second day of the Dead Days of Winter. I was once again at work and didn’t make it out. I also know very little about what went on.

Both days of the Dead Days of Winter were at RedSky Lounge and put on by Full Moon Productions.

Sunday night, back at Buster’s Bar, was the one and only Wayne Static. He was, of course, fucking fantastic. I almost missed out on this show because I didn’t hear about it until last Tuesday. Several bands opened for him, including our local Revilwen. I only got to see Polkadot Cadaver and, while the have quite the following, I just couldn’t get into the sound.

I’ll see about getting some more detail up about these shows but a general recap is all I have for the moment.


Punch Your Cock In Tour

Last Wednesday was the Minnesota stop of Punch Your Cock In Tour. I got to the show late so I didn’t get to see every band that played. I did see Psychostick, As Summer Dies, Ventana, and the last song of Screaming Mechanical Brain.

The show was at Station 4 in lower town St. Paul. I’ve only been there once and was not impressed then. I liked it a bit better this time around. Either that means they’ve improved some or I’ve grown less picky as I’ve had fewer and fewer options. Either way, I consider it to be a positive thing. I’ve heard this venue called “a place where local metal bands go to die”. That isn’t true, don’t buy it. Plenty of bands play there and still go on for many years. In any case, they are doing their part to keep the scene alive and should be respected for that. They even do all ages shows, which are far too rare. Check out their website.

I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to see more of SMB. They are the band that I wanted to see more than any other there. They’re from Minnesota and I’ve been a fan for years. Their sound has been pretty much constantly evolving during that time and they’re really worth following. Their main Facebook page is right here. There is another one where the band is registered as a person instead as a page, which dates back to a time before Facebook pages existed in their current form. I think they’re usually listed as in a homosexual relationship with Satan or something like that. Check that one out, too.  Most things are posted on both.

The band that followed SMB was one called As Summer Dies. Unfortunately, their music really didn’t grab me. They seemed to be pretty much the standard fare of modern ‘hardcore’ music. That’s a style of music that really is of no interest to me, anyway, so it should not come as much of a surprise that this band didn’t impress me. If you normally like that style, check them out. They were from waaay out of town (Buffalo, New York, if I remember right) and could no doubt use your support. Also, they are part of this tour so apparently Psychostick considered them worthy. Their Facebook page is here.

Next up was Venatana. I read on the poster for this show that the band included members of Mushroomhead. That caught my attention since I enjoy Mushroomhead and saw that they can put on a good show a while back when they toured with (hed)PE on the head to (hed) tour. Unfortunately, this band was no Mushroomhead live. I enjoyed them more than the previous band but found that I couldn’t really get into their music. Their image was a bit of a strong point for them, for whatever that’s worth. Facebook.

Finally, Psychostick. I’ve seen these guys more times than I can remember. I’m pretty sure that I was listening to Squizz on XM the first time they played Beer. That’s really where it all started. Since then, I’ve seen them nearly every time they have played in Minnesota, a few times in Iowa, a few times in Wisconsin, and once in South Dakota. Their lineup has changed quite a bit in that time but the core always remains Rob (vocals), Josh (guitar), and Alex (drums). They used to always have two guitars but have now transitioned pretty smoothly to only ever having one guitarist. They always put on a good show, even if their jokes aren’t always the greatest. There are a lot of jokes, too. Psychostick’s Facebook.

Bobaflex Tonight!

The band Bobaflex is playing at Buster’s Bar here in Mankato tonight. It’s been years since I’ve seen them but I remember them putting on a great show. I’m told things will get started at 9PM.

American Head Charge Last Night

Amazing. They have not lost their touch. If you get the chance to see them on this tour, do it!

American Head Charge Tonight!

American Head Charge is playing at Buster’s Bar here in Mankato tonight! If you can make it, you really should. They put on a great show.

This Post Is Not Comic Related (I saw Alien Ant Farm!)

I’ll start this week off with a post that is not related in any way to comic books. If there were people actually following this blog, I’m sure that this would be a nice change of pace for them. Since there aren’t, this is just more talking to myself. Keep in mind while reading this that I am a cynical asshole and I have seen easily over 100 bands perform live.

Alien Ant Farm has always been one of those bands that I never really got into, even though I really enjoy their sound when I listen to them. They don’t rank among my favorite musical acts (at least not high) but I do think they are a very good band. Really, the only complaint I have with them is that their sound, while unique, could use a little more internal variety. Sure, there’s some, but if you listen to them passively a lot things can blend together a little bit.

Well, on Thursday, as part of Peoplezfest, Alien Ant Farm played an outdoor show at Buster’s Bar and Grill in Mankato, Minnesota. That’s my city. I made arrangements to go into work late that night so I could see them. It was well worth it.

Honestly, I expected that they would sound a little rough. I have their first to big albums (ANThology and TruANT) and, while they’re both quite good, they sound heavy on the production. I was surprised when I saw them that the vocals were actually quite good live.

The band moves around on stage but I wouldn’t say they are great entertainers as far as stage presence goes. They are, however, pretty good and better than probably a solid 50% of other acts I’ve seen. Their bass player is good with his instrument, does more vocals than I realized, and is the most entertaining on stage. Basically, he’s a badass.

If you get the chance to see these guys, I suggest you take it. I didn’t have to pay to get in but I would have felt fine with it had the ticket cost me $12 (and I’m a cheapskate). Also, pick up their newest album. It’s called Up In The Attic. They sell it for $5 live and it’s easily worth $10. Other than that, their merch showing was kind of weak. I wonder how they stay afloat?