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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Demo

There were several gaming-related topics that came to mind for this week. A couple of them I would have liked to cover but, in the interest of keeping current, they will have to wait.

It was announced a while back that a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo would be released on the 14th of this month. EA and Bioware kept their word this time around and delivered exactly that, right on schedule (more or less). It’s available on PC through EA’s Origin service, on 360 through Xbox Live, and on PS3 through PSN (at least I think so).

This demo is considered a pretty big deal because previous editions of Mass Effect didn’t have any multiplayer. It’s a new thing for 3 and it promises to bring a lot of new people to the franchise. People have been talking about ME3 multiplayer since before it was even officially announced. It isn’t often that RPGs have multiplayer at all but with the way this series blends third person shooter with RPG, it’s a perfect fit.

I have not yet gotten around to downloading, much less playing, the demo. So far, though, I have heard nothing but positive things from those who have. I look forward to the multiplayer aspect of the game since my girlfriend and I are both fans of the series. I’ll be buying the game either way, though.


WoW Down

World of Warcraft is down today during the entire time I would normally get a chance to play. They do this usually once a week. That’s bad enough but it’s made worse by the fact that you can’t count on it. It’s not always down on the same day and the time can sometimes shift.

This hasn’t been a problem with SWTOR. In general, I think Bioware and EA just have their shit together a lot more than Blizzard. The tradeoff, I guess, is that EA does evil giant corporation things (like launch day DLC out the ass) whereas Blizzard, while they’re running a solid business, does seem to be operated by a bunch of geeks that actually like what they’re doing.

Still, I get annoyed when I want to log into WoW and find out that the realms are all down. Sometimes there is only a couple of hours of warning. Other times, when you’re lucky, you get a full 24 hours. It used to be every Tuesday…last week it was Wednesday.

WoW’s Strength Lies Outside The Game

A lot of people say that World of Warcraft is the best MMORPG out there. Sometimes, I’d agree with them. It’s never because of the game itself, though.

Really, it’s that the game is already so popular that makes it as good as it is. Odds are, you know someone that plays. That means you have someone to help you out when you start. There are also a lot of websites dedicated entirely to WoW. If there’s anything you want to know about the game, you can find it online.

It’s pretty great that Blizzard allows third party mods for their game. What really makes that work, though, is that there are so many skilled people working on those mods. You can probably find a mod to do just about anything in WoW.

Though their are games that many people feel are better, the strength of WoW is in its community. I hope that SWTOR gets there someday.