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CONvergence is Here

One day of CONvergence is now in the past and the second is just beginning. This is what life should always be like.

(I’ll have more at another time. Now to get back to the con.)



I’m not sure that I’m capable of accurately expressing my excitement right now. You see, CONvergence is now less that one week away. CONvergence is the one big, awesome thing that I do every year. It’s a sci-fi (more or less) convention held up in the cities. Basically, it’s a four day long, geeky party.

This will be my first time going as a single man. While that’s a little strange, it also means that I’m far less limited. I won’t have to stick with one person as much as in the past and, well, you know what they say; What happens at con, stays at con.

This year is also my first time with real costumes. I bought a green morphsuit that will be working triple duty; Anon Guy, Green Man, and a creeper. It will be great and hopefully I’ll post pictures here, eventually.

I will also be hanging out with my old friend Kenny. I haven’t seen him in over a year so this is going to be great.

I’m so excited. I’m not sure how I’ll make it through the rest of this week.

New Laptop

I think I may have chosen my new laptop. I was looking at different ones from different manufacturers on different websites for well over an hour and my brain is getting fried. I forgot to make a post until now. The one I’m looking at is this.

Craig Ferguson Live

As I write this, I am sitting in a less-than-comfortable position in a hotel room at Mystic Lake casino. I’m sort of half propped up on an arm rest that is both too short and too hard.

We really have no need to be here but we have the room until 11 AM (it’s about 2 AM right now) and Kat is taking a nap. Neither of us slept very much but I’m used to that. I’ve been working third shift long enough that it’s pretty much normal for me.

We got the room for free. I guess my mom has gambled here enough that they send her things for complimentary rooms every month. That’s just one of the many ways casinos try to suck you back into them. The tickets to the show we are here for were far from free but I didn’t pay for those, either. They were about $50 each and were paid for by my girlfriend. I wouldn’t have paid so much for them, being spoiled by cheap entry to shows at yhe What’s Up Lounge, but she really wanted to see this. We each also lost $40-$50 in the actual casino but we planned for that so it doesn’t matter. All in the name of fun. This is like a one day vacation.

Anyways, we came up here to see Craig Feruson, best known as the host of the Late Late Show or the English guy (he’s actually Scottish) from the Drew Carey show, perform live. Even though he has his own TV show, he still does stand up. He played here tow nights in a row. The Saturday show sold out and this Sunday one was damn full.

While I was never a fan of the Drew Carey show, I do really enjoy the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson. He is very consistently funny and that’s a rare thing on TV. The show also teaches us that he likes Doctor Who and has good taste in music.

I will admit that I was a little concerned coming up here. After the tickets had been ordered, we watched th Craig Ferguson special called A Wee Bit O’ Revolution on Netflix. It was funny but (there gas to be a but, right?) it, in my opinion, was not as funny as the Late Late Show often is. That made me wonder if that would be the case for all of his stand up.

So, I went into this wondering if it wasn’t going to be great. That was reinforced a little when the opening act wasn’t great. He was funny, no doubt there, but there’s a reason he is the opening act and not the headliner.

Craig Ferguson came out and put all doubts to bed. His stand up was clever, well structured, and pretty much always funny. Now, I won’t say I’m hardcore into stand up or anything but I have seem more comedians than the average person, I think, and this was the best. I used to lusten to the stand up channels on XM.

The ticket price was high but I would even say it was worth it. If you ever get the chance to see Craig Ferguson live, I suggest you do it.