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Great Weekend For Music in Mankato

The last several days have seen a lot of music in the city of Mankato.

It began at Buster’s Bar on Thursday with Bone Thugs N Harmony. I had to work and didn’t make it to that what but I’m told I didn’t miss much. If rumors are true, there was only one member present and he rapped over records.

Friday night was the first day of the Dead Days of Winter. The featured act for the night was none other than Coolio. Opening for him were Professor Fresh, the Style Biters, Def Gone Graphic, and more. Great show, even Coolio was better than expected.

Saturday was the second day of the Dead Days of Winter. I was once again at work and didn’t make it out. I also know very little about what went on.

Both days of the Dead Days of Winter were at RedSky Lounge and put on by Full Moon Productions.

Sunday night, back at Buster’s Bar, was the one and only Wayne Static. He was, of course, fucking fantastic. I almost missed out on this show because I didn’t hear about it until last Tuesday. Several bands opened for him, including our local Revilwen. I only got to see Polkadot Cadaver and, while the have quite the following, I just couldn’t get into the sound.

I’ll see about getting some more detail up about these shows but a general recap is all I have for the moment.


Punch Your Cock In Tour

Last Wednesday was the Minnesota stop of Punch Your Cock In Tour. I got to the show late so I didn’t get to see every band that played. I did see Psychostick, As Summer Dies, Ventana, and the last song of Screaming Mechanical Brain.

The show was at Station 4 in lower town St. Paul. I’ve only been there once and was not impressed then. I liked it a bit better this time around. Either that means they’ve improved some or I’ve grown less picky as I’ve had fewer and fewer options. Either way, I consider it to be a positive thing. I’ve heard this venue called “a place where local metal bands go to die”. That isn’t true, don’t buy it. Plenty of bands play there and still go on for many years. In any case, they are doing their part to keep the scene alive and should be respected for that. They even do all ages shows, which are far too rare. Check out their website.

I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to see more of SMB. They are the band that I wanted to see more than any other there. They’re from Minnesota and I’ve been a fan for years. Their sound has been pretty much constantly evolving during that time and they’re really worth following. Their main Facebook page is right here. There is another one where the band is registered as a person instead as a page, which dates back to a time before Facebook pages existed in their current form. I think they’re usually listed as in a homosexual relationship with Satan or something like that. Check that one out, too.  Most things are posted on both.

The band that followed SMB was one called As Summer Dies. Unfortunately, their music really didn’t grab me. They seemed to be pretty much the standard fare of modern ‘hardcore’ music. That’s a style of music that really is of no interest to me, anyway, so it should not come as much of a surprise that this band didn’t impress me. If you normally like that style, check them out. They were from waaay out of town (Buffalo, New York, if I remember right) and could no doubt use your support. Also, they are part of this tour so apparently Psychostick considered them worthy. Their Facebook page is here.

Next up was Venatana. I read on the poster for this show that the band included members of Mushroomhead. That caught my attention since I enjoy Mushroomhead and saw that they can put on a good show a while back when they toured with (hed)PE on the head to (hed) tour. Unfortunately, this band was no Mushroomhead live. I enjoyed them more than the previous band but found that I couldn’t really get into their music. Their image was a bit of a strong point for them, for whatever that’s worth. Facebook.

Finally, Psychostick. I’ve seen these guys more times than I can remember. I’m pretty sure that I was listening to Squizz on XM the first time they played Beer. That’s really where it all started. Since then, I’ve seen them nearly every time they have played in Minnesota, a few times in Iowa, a few times in Wisconsin, and once in South Dakota. Their lineup has changed quite a bit in that time but the core always remains Rob (vocals), Josh (guitar), and Alex (drums). They used to always have two guitars but have now transitioned pretty smoothly to only ever having one guitarist. They always put on a good show, even if their jokes aren’t always the greatest. There are a lot of jokes, too. Psychostick’s Facebook.

Psychostick and SMB Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night, Screaming Mechanical Brain and Psychostick are playing at Station 4 in St Paul. I’ll be there and it should be a lot of fun.

Bobaflex Tonight!

The band Bobaflex is playing at Buster’s Bar here in Mankato tonight. It’s been years since I’ve seen them but I remember them putting on a great show. I’m told things will get started at 9PM.

Powerman 5000 — Destroy What You Enjoy Review

First off, Powerman 5000 is easily among my favorite bands. I could probably listen to any of their albums, especially the last three, on repeat until I went deaf and later died. In short; PM5K, fuck yeah.

A week or two ago I returned the Powerman 5000 album called ‘Destroy What You Enjoy’ to a comfortable spot in my car’s CD player. It has remained there since.

This is the album that Spider calls their punk album and I think that’s fairly fitting. Of course, that isn’t saying that all their work doesn’t have some degree of punk influence. About this album Spider also says, “the kids didn’t like it.” While DWYE may have gotten the one of the best critical receptions the band has ever known, it was not very popular at all. I really can’t understand why.

DWYE has all the energy of Transform, which is the album that really hooked me on the band. It doesn’t have the electronics of their earlier (and later) work but it’s still a lot of fun. Spider always creates melodies and even lyrics that stick with me forever.

This album also has, in Miss America, what seems to be an attempt a making a country song by a group of guys that have rarely (if ever) listened to country and do much better with punk music. The song is excellent and seems to say that no matter how fucked up things are here in the United States, we’ve still got it pretty damn good.

PM5K, fuck yeah.

5 / 5

Today It Begins

Today will be the first day of making music.

Music Soon

Tomorrow is the first of the days that I have taken off work to make music. My musical partner / band is coming over and we’re just going to work at it for three days. Ideally, we hope to come out of this with at least six original songs with demos recorded.

I will mostly be using my iPad and an iRig to record guitar and vocals.

Space Vampires vs Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D Review (and Stuff About Psychostick)

First things first; I know I’m really behind on this. I just finally listened to the newest Psychostick album for the first time.

Psychostick describe themselves as humorcore. More often, you’ll hear people call them something like comedy metal. They’ve been around for a while and they have a solid fan base. They’ve had a fair amount of success and even see some radio play. This started when they sent a CD into XM Satellite Radio and the DJs liked it and started playing one of their songs on the channel called Squizz. I think I was actually listening the first time they played them.

It should also be noted that Psychostick is pretty much three core members; Rawrb on vocals, The J on lead guitar, and Alex on drums. The second guitar and bass positions are pretty much a revolving door every couple of years, at least. Same goes for their management. Those three guys (especially Josh) have always been cool to me, personally, but this sort of give the impression that they’re dicks to the people that they work with. And when I say they’ve always been cool to me that shouldn’t be entirely dismissed because I’ve seen them more than a dozen times, talked to all of them numerous times, and even took them out for pizza once.

Anyway, this is Psychostick’s third full length album. In between the first and the second there was a holiday EP. In between the second and third, there was an even shorter EP. There have also been a few odd songs here and there. One thing that most people seem to agree on is that, at least musically, the second album was much better than the first. Unfortunately, I don’t think that trend continued.

Don’t get me wrong, the album is really good. It’s got some real gems on it, too. I’d say it’s not quite as good as the second album but that’s my personal opinion. That’s perfectly understandable, tough. I think there were about five years fewer between albums this time. This has all sounded so negative but the album was good enough that when I finished it, I started listening to it again right away.

Really, check it out. Let the numbers below speak for what I really thought about it.

4 / 5

American Head Charge Last Night

Amazing. They have not lost their touch. If you get the chance to see them on this tour, do it!

American Head Charge Tonight!

American Head Charge is playing at Buster’s Bar here in Mankato tonight! If you can make it, you really should. They put on a great show.