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Green Lantern Extended Cut Review

This is mostly a review on the extended cut compared to the theatrical release. I have also not seen the entire theatrical version since it released in theaters.

The biggest difference between the theatrical version and the extended version (which actually differ only 9 minutes in length) is a scene at the very beginning. Very, very early on there is a scene the shows Hal, Hector, and Carol as children. It establishes their lifelong connection which is something that a lot of people seemed to think was missing in the theatrical version. I didn’t feel the same way but that’s beside the point. This added scene also shows Hal witnessing his father’s death, which ties into him in the plane later and even more. Really, this scene adds the depth and characterization that a lot, if not most, of the movie’s naysayers seemed to feel was lacking.

Any other differences were more subtle. Nothing in particular stood out to me. That extra scene at the beginning was very important, though.

4 / 5


Green Lantern Extended Cut Review Incoming

As I type this, I am watching the extended cut of the live action Green Lantern movie. I’ll be writing a review of it when I’m done.

Green Lantern is Actually Out Today

I was mistaken on Tuesday when I said that the live action Green Lantern movie was out that day. I didn’t learn of my mistake until Wednesday, when I went to purchase a copy for myself. I couldn’t find it anywhere in Best Buy so I used my phone to check online. That’s when I found that the release date was actually 10/14.

Anyway, it’s out today. It was a decent enough movie and there is now an extended cut. I don’t know how much or what was added but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Pirate Radio (Movie)

Pirate Radio is a movie that I had wanted to see when it was still in the theater. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. That’s often the case, since I work nights.

It is a movie about people operating a rock music pirate radio station off the coast of the UK at a time when rock music was not played on the normal radio there. Eventually that practice became illegal but these people kept going.

The movie feels a bit long and the story is rather predictable but it’s very entertaining. It’s funny and runs pretty much the full spectrum of emotions. It’s clever and the acting is good. It’s full of faces that you will recognize, even if you don’t know why.

I really think you should watch Pirate Radio. Then buy it and watch it more.

4 / 5

Primer Review

On Saturday, my girlfriend and I watched a movie called Primer. Apparently she had heard that the movie was a good mindfuck cerebral piece and so she wanted to watch it. It wasn’t that at all, though it kind of felt like it. In actuality, it just never gave you all the facts.

Even when the movie ends, there are a lot of things that aren’t explained. What’s worse is that there are a lot of loose ends. There are things that are just never wrapped up. There was clearly a planned story behind this but they wanted to keep the audience guessing and the end result was sort of convoluted.

I won’t say the movie wasn’t entertaining, though. It wasn’t great. I probably won’t watch it ever again. Watching it once, however, was not an unenjoyable experience.

This was an independent film that was made on a budget of $7000 and then saw film festival and limited theater release where it made half a million dollars. That’s pretty cool.

2 / 5

Cowboys and Aliens

I came home from the movie theater less than an hour ago. I had been there with my girlfriend seeing the much hyped Cowboys and Aliens. Since I’m making an effort at keeping this blog up and focusing on entertainment and comics, I figured I should post my thoughts and give a little review.

The movie looked pretty good. Thankfully, I didn’t have to see this one in 3D. I’m actually not sure if it’s even showing in 3D. I didn’t actively make that choice, I just went to the showing that had the best time for my schedule. In this case, that was 10:15PM on my one night off this week.

There was some serious makeup overkill but good luck finding a Hollywood movie that isn’t guilty of that.Olivia Wilde had almost no eyebrows but that might just be her thing and not the fault of anyone else. I really don’t know for sure on that. The costuming was cliche but pretty good. It was a little silly that the main character steals clothes in the first scene of the movie and yet they’re clearly fitted to him. That’s just another Hollywood thing, though.

The special effects were mostly solid. Explosions and all that were just fine, like you’d expect. The aliens could have looked better. They may have been the weakest point.

Regardless of which way you swing, the movie was meant to have eye candy. Olivia Wilde on one side, Daniel Craig on the other. For those that can’t get past Wilde having no eyebrows and Craig making awful James Bond movies, the badassitude of Harrison Ford was also included.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Harrison Ford was great in this movie. He wasn’t bad but his character was nothing special.


Back Again (With A Review of Captain America)

Well, I’m back at it. There are a number of subjects I could cover but I’m going to start out easy and stick to just Captain America (the movie) for right now.

Last Wednesday, I went to see Captain America with my girlfriend. The trailer Made the movie look like it would be really good. I’ve also been pleased with the other Marvel Studios films made so far (including Thor). Finally, this movie has Hugo Weaving in it, AS A SUPER VILLAIN. Going into the theater, I thought that all movies with Hugo Weaving in them were contractually required to kick ass.

In short, I was very disappointed with what I saw. There were some cool parts and the high budget was obvious. There was some serious work put into this film and that showed. The 3D was worthless but I didn’t expect any different. Despite all the positive things I could say, however, Captain America failed to hold my interest. My attention wandered and I found myself bored by half way through.

The trouble is that I should have expected this from the start. It was a Captain America movie after all. There is only so much you can do with a character that is so corny and lame. On top of that, if you set a movie in the time period that this one was set in, most people will fall back on bad stereotypes…and they certainly did that here.

In truth, most people will probably enjoy the movie. Most people do seem to enjoy the mindless hero action movies as long as things look good, there is a bunch of crap going on, there are explosions, and a few lame jokes are made. If you’re one of those people (and you know who you are) then go see Captain America right now.